Server Rules : Savage Survival Minecraft Servers by Straitlaced

These server rules apply to the following:

  1. Savage Survival, Spigot 1.13.2 server, IP
  2. Savage Survival Nature Abound, Forge 1.12.2 server, IP
  3. Savage Survival Dino Revival, IP

My goal is to create a fair playing field, where players can enjoy playing minecraft with their friends and frienemies.

Rules are strictly enforced. If you believe you have been banned in error, please appeal via discord.

Player Rules

Inaction by an admin is not an endorsement, and ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If the rules change, notifications will be broadcast on the server.

The following rules apply to any communication form on the server. This includes all server communication channels: public chat, private messages, player builds, player skins, player names, signs, books, weapon names, weapon lores, tellraw, nametags, /me, etc.

  1. Follow staff instructions. This means:
    • Obey the admins and mods. You may voice objections on the server discord channel afterwards.
    • Do not disrespect staff.
    • Do not evade a ban by using another username or ip address. You can appeal on discord.
  2. Do not cheat. This means:
    • No hacked clients.
    • No xray texture packs.
    • No scripts or macros.
    • Do not attempt to scam staff.
    • Do not use glitches. This includes but is not limited to:
      • duping
      • xray glitches
      • tnt glitches
      • accessing the Nether roof
      • glitching past the world border
      • phasing through blocks
    • We permit only the following mods:
      • Optifine
      • Shaders
      • 5zig Mod
  3. Players are limited to 150 entities in a given area, not counting item frames. The second number in E: #/# when you press F3 is the number of entities in the surrounding area.
  4. Do not be malicious. This means:
    • Do not threaten to hack, dos, or ddos the server.
    • Do not threaten players in real life.
    • Do not leak personal information (doxing).
    • No persistent or excessive bullying. No excessive bullying means:
      • No telling players to kill themself or hurt themself in real life.
      • No wishing disease or death upon another player or their family.
  5. Do not be obnoxious. This means:
    • No spamming (chat, private messages, teleport requests, suicidal deaths, etc).
    • No trapping players beyond 1 hour.
    • No advertising other minecraft servers ever. Website links can be shared on discord.
    • Do not ask for op or mod.
    • Do not ask for creative items or special treatment.
    • Do not create lag machines.
    • Do not make cobble monsters.
  6. No explicit sexual content in chat. This means:
    • No explicit terms depicting sexual acts.
    • No skins that show genitals.
  7. No drug talk.
  8. Do not impersonate staff. Do not impersonate players by renaming your account.

Admin Policy

  1. We will not kill, pvp, grief, raid, troll players, nor leak coordinates.
  2. We will interfere in gameplay as little as possible.
  3. We will not trade with players nor give players valuable items from creative.
  4. We will remain neutral to all players and will not kick or ban arbitrarily.