Savage Survival Spigot Server on Minecraft 1.13.2 :

Savage Survival Spigot 1.13.2 Semi-vanilla Minecraft Server

Savage Survival is a semi-vanilla style, no-hacking, non-pay-to-win, Spigot 1.13.2 Minecraft server optimised for Survival PvP and Building.

Survival features include: Grief, Raid, PvP, PvE, not-overly-powerful EliteMobs, teleport delay, hard difficulty, and more.

Builders will enjoy this server thanks to the snipe-resistant player teleport system, the large enduring map, plus the exciting risk of being raided. Dare to build mighty?

So much to do! Start with nothing, but everyday you can vote to win diamonds and steak. Elitemobs might drop interesting stuff. You can win some loot in a game of Spleef. And perhaps your travels will reward you with a juicy base or an intriguing random structure.

Join Savage Survival today and start your challenging and exciting multiplayer survival adventure!

Check out the Savage Survival Server Rules

Player Commands : Savage Survival Minecraft Server

Home Commands

  • /sethome homename
  • /delhome homename
  • /home homename
  • /home bed
  • /homes

Teleport Commands

  • /spawn
  • /tpa playername
  • /tpaccept playername
  • /tphere playername
  • /tpthere playername
  • /tpdeny playername

Mini-game Commands

  • /spleef

Chat Commands

  • /w
  • /r
  • /ignore playername
  • /ignored

Vote Commands

  • /vote
  • /votes
  • /lastvoted

Server Info Commands

  • /help
  • /tphelp
  • /rules
  • /discord
  • /website